Frank Averill, President, and founder of Averill Electric Company Inc. He describes himself as the Chief innovator for change in his business. His passion for the industry came from his desire to make a positive impact on the world at an extremely young age. While other children were playing video games and learning how to play basketball. Frank was engaging in career training for life.

Early Life and Education

Frank’s father was a hard-working electrical contractor. Frank’s training began at the ripe old age of twelve when he would assist his father at his construction sites. By the time he hit his 13th birthday, he was enrolled in a trade school specializing in cutting-edge technical programs. At Blue Hills Regional Technical School, he was enrolled in a four-year high school level electrical studies program. He graduated high school at seventeen and continued his education at Massasoit Community College. He majored in electrical engineering and business management. Maintaining his innovative education, he trained in project REVIT for 3D drafting and then trained in Electrical Estimating from local 103 IBE IEW. By the time he completed that level of training he was nineteen and was immediately hired by an electrical contractor where he would gain a wealth of experience over the next four years.


Frank Averill became disillusioned with the wages and lack of benefits of a Non-union worker. He was assigned as an “apprentice foreman”, responsible for a full staff, being paid inadequate apprentice wages. It was at that time that Frank decided he would either join the union or start his own business. Turning twenty-five, he made the critical decision to join the IBEW union. However, there was a nine-month waiting list for acceptance to begin working on a union site. Unable to stand idly by for the next nine months, Frank proceeded to form a business with his brother and work independently. This became the genesis of Averill Electric Company Inc., and his business flourished. By the time his name came up on the union list, his business was thriving. He weighed his options and decided to become a union contractor. He and his brother continued to thrive doing business in their new capacity.

As a Union Worker under their first contract, the project required a complete overhaul to renovate a local mall. Their portion of the contract could not begin until the deconstruction of the mall was accomplished. In a brilliant effort to become productive during the wait, he examined the blueprints and decided to pre-assemble a good portion of the parts to reduce the time for onsite labor construction for the project. The pre-fabrication process allowed him to decouple the work schedule (or labor hours) making the brother’s unproductive wait-time billable during the deconstruction portion of the project.

Frank Averill has built a reputation for integrity, innovative change, and efficiency for nearly twenty-five years. He has assembled a loyal staff of workers who have been with the company for many, many years. The future looks bright for the company as the focus of Averill Electric Company Inc. has become synonymous for its work ethic, efficiency, and attention to detail.