On a conventional, by-the-numbers construction site, raw materials are brought to the location of a project and then field measured, modified, cut, and altered to the exact project requirements and installed in a sequential manner, eventually amounting to a finished product.

Averill Electric Employs the Advantages of Prefabricated Construction

A select few electrical contractor companies are beginning to take advantage of prefabrication construction techniques in order to create new high standards of efficiency. Prefabrication is relatively a new concept in the electrical business. Electrical contractors like Averill Electric are using new methods to meet tight deadlines and produce high-quality work for their clients.

What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Commercial Electrician

Becoming a commercial electrician is a smart career move. Commercial electricians can always find work, and the job is well-paid compared to other trades. Commercial electricians enjoy having a challenging and rewarding job, and they can build a solid career future in the business. Averill Electric explains what you should know if you are looking to become a commercial electrician, from the education and training that you will need to get started to the basic duties of your job.

How the Team at Averill Electric is Working to Keep Job Sites Safe

Since the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted major changes in how business is conducted across all trades and professions in the United States, and the construction industry is no exception.

The Top 10 Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Work According to Frank Averill

Bringing a pet to work has many benefits for the employee and the culture of the office. People who bring their pets to work are more relaxed, have better relationships with their coworkers, and are more productive than people who cannot bring their pets to work.

the Fundamentals of 5S Methodology in the Construction Field

The 5S methodology was introduced in the 1970s by Toyota to enhance visual control and lean manufacturing processes. However, over the last several decades the model has been applied in a variety of industries, including the construction field where the need to “do more with less” is not just a best practice, but it is an essential requirement.

Recent Innovations in Electrical Construction

The field of electrical contracting has made exciting strides over the past 25 years. Prefabricated construction and other innovations have made the work of the electrical contractor more accurate and efficient, leading to faster build times and greater client satisfaction.

How Company Culture Changed to Allow Pets

During the global pandemic, many people have been able to work from home, spending quality time with their pets. As the pandemic eases and more offices reopen, people may be concerned about leaving their beloved pets at home after being accustomed to being with their owners at all times.

Health Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Work

As time goes by, more employers realize the benefits of allowing pets in the office. Employees who bring pets to work are happier, more relaxed, less stressed, and have better communications with their coworkers. 

7 Ways That Prefabricated Buildings Can Help Businesses Save Money

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for most sectors, and the prefabricated building market hasn’t been spared some of the financial wraths. However, the overall revenue and growth outlook remains quite strong. Between 2014 and 2018, the size of the prefabricated building market doubled to $8 billion, and the market is still expected to grow at a healthy 4% CAGR from 2016-2026.

the 10 Reasons Why Prefabricated Construction is More Efficient

Electrical contractors are constantly searching for ways to make their businesses more efficient and to speed up the process of getting jobs done. Prefabricated construction can be an important tool in reducing costs, wasted time, and most importantly, the time it takes to complete a job. Frank Averill of Averill Electric lists the 10 ways in which prefabricated construction can speed up your workflow and allow you to take on more jobs in the same period of time.

Averill Electric Explains the Benefits of Prefabricated Construction and How It Can Save Your Company Money

Today, many businesses are looking for ways to save money. While cutting corners on electrical construction is never recommended, there are useful methods that can help to reduce costs while preserving the quality of your project. Prefabricated construction has been used for centuries, and electrical prefabrication is steadily gaining in popularity.

An Interview with Frank Averill of Averill Electric

Frank Averill is the Founder and President of Averill Electric, located in Easton, Massachusetts. The company is an innovator in the use of prefabricated electric components, constructing modular equipment in its own dedicated facility and sending these pieces to their job sites located throughout New England.

Inspirery Interview with Frank Averill

Frank Averill is the President and Founder of Averill Electric Company Inc, which for over 25 years has provided electrical installations for private, commercial and industrial clients, including the installation of energy-efficient lighting technology and cable bus systems, and complete communications wiring and system installations.

Applying the 5S Methodology in the Construction Field

While the pandemic has destabilized supply chains, reduced scope of work, and stalled — or in some cases completely scrapped — schedules and plans, the outlook remains bright for the contracting field. For example, in the first three months of 2020 (and before COVID-19 hit), the construction industry added over $900 billion to the US economy, which was the highest quarterly increase since the “Great Recession” in 2008.

Averill Electric Is Taking Electrical Contracting to a New Standard

It is an unfortunate fact that the construction business can often be slow-moving, overly complex, and immensely inefficient. As anyone who works in these trades can attest, a typical day of work can be fraught with miscommunication and misallocation of resources. 

Frank Averill of Averill Electric Company Inc. Releases A Guide to Electrical Prefabrication

Frank Averill, the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Averill Electric takes the time to discuss the benefits of prefabrication, stating that the process is currently transforming the construction and electrical contracting sector.

IdeaMensch Interview with the Founder of Averill Electric Company

The company arose from a desire to have an impact on the world. “I believed that opening this business was my calling to make positive impact on the world by implementing innovative changes to the industry that addressed waste on most construction projects”, Frank Averill stated as one of his “whys” for starting his company.